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We work with brilliant founders to build companies from 0 to 1 and beyond . . .

What we do

You bring the domain expertise and we bring the resources to scale with speed.

Our number one goal is to support founders and help make the launch and scale process easier. We build and provide cofounder value-add in a model proven to generate faster exits, fewer losses, and outsized returns. As a Studio, we do more than invest in startups- we help validate, launch, and grow them.

How we do it

People. Ideas. Capital. Process.

We come prepared to build this venture alongside you. In addition to a core team, we’ll support this new venture with access to resources, network connections, and functional support from our partners in various domains from marketing, prototyping, design, finance, legal, and sales.

What you'll get

Mindset. Ideation. Validation. Traction. Support.

We are your swiss army knife startup team.


Our core studio team works alongside you to validate problems worth solving, develop strategy, build the product, achieve sales, growth hack marketing campaigns, find product-market fit, and fundraise to grow the venture independent of the studio.


In addition to our proven innovation process, you get access to members of our team, technical resources, connection to our strong and diverse network, and funding from our venture fund when key milestones are hit.


We are your investing co-founder offering speed and fuel to help de-risk and build venture-scale companies.

What do you want to build?

Your Idea

Reduce the risk of building something on your own by building with George and the team here as your cofounder

Our Idea

Come be our Cofounder & CEO on a venture we've validated

Build With Us

From Idea to Scaleup

Meet the team behind our studio services

What Untapped's Founders Are Saying 

"I joined Untapped, because I wanted to stay relevant in fast-changing times. Within 100 days, I acquired valuable entrepreneurship skills and more importantly, found purpose and meaning by working closely with team-members whom I admire in creating a business that helps others find purpose and thrive in uncertain times. It's almost poetic how rewardingly recursive my Untapped experience has been"
-Peter H., Los Angeles, CA

Our Partners

Untapped Studio is a proud member of GSSN and StudioHub and partners with Leanstack, the leader in early-stage startup playbooks and tools

  • Through our membership into GSSN and StudioHub, we use and teach the latest and greatest best-practices around venture building at scale.

  • As a top accelerator partner with Leanstack, we share world-class playbooks and tools to help our founders learn the HOW's quickly and sort through chaos into clarity.

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