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Untapped Ventures is a startup studio building and investing in Future of Work ideas.

About Us:

Untapped Ventures is a startup studio in LA that builds and invests in Future of Work ideas. We work with brilliant founders to build companies from 0 to 1.


Our strategy is simple, we invest human and financial capital in great people early on.


We build and provide cofounder value-add in a model proven to generate faster exits, fewer losses, and outsized returns.

We have a range of in-house and outsourced resources available for ventures co-built and invested in by us. Our number one goal is to support founders and help make the launch and scale process easier.


We’ve built a number of startups and we share our playbook with all ventures in our portfolio.


When you join Untapped Nation, you get shared service, speed, and unrivaled support.


At any given time, we have several ideas in the works- each at various stages of the startup lifecycle.

Join, lead, and bring one of these Studio ideas to life!


Interested? Check out our latest focus areas.


Go to Build & Launch With Us Page to submit the Future Founder application


We have identified several different trends we’re tracking and themes we’re interested in investing in.


You can read more about our Future of Work thesis here.


We invest in early stage startups at pre-seed and seed.


If your venture is B2B or consumer SaaS in the Future of Work ecosystem and you have some indications of early traction, we would love to connect.


"Through customer discovery interviews (50+) our team found a unique problem worth solving within the the "well-being at work" arena. Through the Leanstack curriculum, I learned how to build a startup and used the built-in tools to model the business. Some key outcomes of going through this program were: building a website, developing video demos, assembling a "mafia offer", pitching the product and getting sales. Overall, I learned how to succeed as an early stage startup founder- all thanks to Untapped!"  

—  Garret H., Burbank, CA


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During the Summer of 2021, we had a very vibrant deal warehouse we brought to market 1 internal idea, 1 venture with our corporate partner, and 5 investments into startups in our Future of Work Studio-Accelerator Program.

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