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We build high growth startups from the ground up as a Venture Studio and invest in impact-driven emerging tech companies 

“We’re the Best Self VC and our moonshot for Fund I is for our portfolio to help 10M people self-actualize and deliver 10X returns to LPs. Let us show you how this is possible through our unique venture studio model.”

-George Bandarian II
Founder & Managing Partner, Untapped Ventures

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Facts about venture studios

Startup Ventures


Average Internal Rate of Return (IRR)


Time from Zero to Series A (months)


Startup Studio


Average Internal Rate of Return (IRR)


Time from Zero to Series A (months)

What makes Studios stand out?

Studios are an outperforming asset class offering lower risk and higher returns in less time than traditional startup creation.


Studios drive high capital efficiency through repeatable processes, dedicated work performed by an experienced core team, reusing resources, and leveraging connections to access accelerated speed to market.

Our Focus: Emerging Tech


Why Smart Money is Investing in Startup Studios


Benefits for

Benefits of Untapped Ventures private investor community.

 01. Baseline Experience

02. Help Untapped Studio

03. Assist Untapped Fund

04. Support Portfolio Companies

Potential to earn alpha returns

Investing in Untapped Ventures delivers a variety of perks and advantages.

  • Earn 5-10X+ potential returns

  • Gain access to deal flow

  • Join Untapped Community

Help Untapped Studio

We welcome the help of our Studio Circle members in the creation and growth of new ventures.

  • Contribute to ideation workshops

  • Engage with founders by providing subject matter expertise and guidance

  • Be a strategic part of early-stage company growth through go-to-market efforts

Assist Untapped Fund

Join us in building LA's premier venture fund and help us unlock human potential.

  • Network with diverse investors

  • Co-invest in hot deals

  • Join our exclusive investment commitee

Support Portfolio Companies

Our versatile investor network helps support the success of our portfolio companies.

  • Mentor next generation of founders

  • Advise startups for equity

  • Consult and help with new venture growth

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