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Founding Partner & CEO

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Steve Tullar

Venture Partner


Jeff Zhou

Head of Investor Relations

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Jon Vein

Venture Partner


Head of Investing

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Joy Tan

Venture Partner

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Janice Orlando

Venture Partner


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Our Vision & Mission

In 30 years, through our investments in cutting-edge early-stage AI startups, we will have transformed the lives of around 1 billion people, empowering them to achieve their fullest potential both personally and professionally.

Since we are committed to the long haul and aim to grow exponentially, we aspire to become one of LA’s greatest VCs and eventually one of the world’s top early-stage funds.

Untapped Ventures will soon become one of LA Valley’s best VCs, rapidly rising to be one of LA’s best, and ultimately one of the best pre-seed VCs on the planet.

By investing in early-stage AI startups, we will build our track record, experience, and value-add, demonstrating our deep understanding of idea-stage founders looking to create game-changing companies that scale quickly.

Having played this game of building and investing in fast-growth venture-scale businesses for 30 years, everyone involved at Untapped Ventures will experience an incredible abundance of wealth.

Hear our Founder share our purpose with Peter Diamandis, founder of XPRIZE, Singularity University, and one of the world's Top 100 Influential people.

Join our team!

We're always looking for untapped talent to join our Untapped team. Check out our current openings!

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