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Untapped Ventures is a startup studio building and investing in Future of Work ideas.

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If your venture has validation and traction, please see our venture page. If you’re at the idea stage and want to co-build your startup with Untapped - keep reading!

Build Your Idea With Us

How it works

We build and invest in Future of Work ventures and typically focus on SaaS as this is where our team’s expertise lies. You can check out the areas we’re exploring right now. While those are our current interests, we’re open to all Future of Work ventures and it’s a broad space so don’t hesitate to submit your venture if you think it fits.

About you & your idea 

We’re looking for experienced entrepreneurs and leaders that want to leverage Untapped’s global ecosystem and diverse resources to turn their ideas into a venture-scale companies.

You should consider applying to co-found with us if…

  • You're a serial entrepreneur (you’ve done this before) or have deep domain expertise (you’re an expert in the field and ready to use your contacts and knowledge to build a world-class product)

  • You have a validated problem and want an investing co-founder to help bring a product to market

  • You’re ready to lead this venture full-time. We’re not looking for founder side hustles (although these kinds of businesses are great for you!)

  • We’re looking for venture scale opportunities. Unfortunately, service-based businesses and hardware are not a fit.

  • You should have strong experience in a functional startup role: Engineering, Marketing/ Sales, or Finance/ Operations.

What we bring to the table

We increase your chance of success with our extensive experience and vast network. In addition to our launch playbook, you get access to our core team composed of experts in their respective fields (go-to-market, design, HR, market research, no-code prototyping, and strategy). We act as an investing co-founder ready to help support early-stage activities and equip you with the tools and expertise you need to launch your venture with speed (~9 months).

How to get started:

Submit your idea using this form and we’ll follow up to schedule a chat.

Help Build Our Ideas


Within our studio, we have an amazing team of venture analysts, innovators, strategists, futurists, operational talent, and EIRs. Together, we ideate to identify problems and develop ideas for potential future ventures that fit our thesis. Once our core team does problem validation, we start thinking about solutions. This is where you come in.

If you're an exceptional founder, ready to give your all to a new startup venture - read on.

What we're looking for
  • You have a strong functional area of expertise. We’re looking for leaders. If you identify as a CEO (operations), CTO (engineering), CMO (marketing), VP of Sales (sales), CPO (UX/ UI and design), and/ or a CFO (finance and venture analysis)- you will be a good fit for the team we’re building at this stage.

  • If you’re excited to source potential customers and talk to them to validate the idea, you’re likely a good fit for a venture at this stage. Within our studio, we use the Lean Startup Methodology for all ventures so problem validation through customer interviews is a must and everyone (from CTO to CPO) is expected to contribute here.

  • This role begins with a founder fit trial (you should get a sense of how we work and vice versa) and then, if all goes well, transitions into full time. You will need to have the willingness and ability to join full time after the trial period. This is a startup role and while you will get co-founder level equity, you’re unlikely to get a full time paid salary. The way to think about this is as if you co-found a venture with a friend or colleague. If you require more standard terms than that, please explore some of our open studio positions instead.

  • A strong interest in self-actualization and Future of Work. We build and invest in companies from these 5 focus areas- please take a moment to read through our interest areas and determine which you’re truly excited about. Passion and enthusiasm is critical.

What we bring to the table

People, ideas, capital, process, and support. We come prepared to build this venture alongside you. In addition to a core team, we’ll support this new venture with access to resources, network connections, and functional support from our partners in various domains from marketing, prototyping, design, finance, legal, and sales.

How to get started:

Fill out this form and we’ll follow up to schedule a chat.

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