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We invest in brazen founders who create innovative AI solutions to big global problems.


Agnostic, but historical investments range from fintech, b2b SAAS, healthcare, to AI


Primarily Seed, but ranges from Preseed to A

Average check size

Around $100K with strategic relationships with other Tier 1 firms

Prior co-investors


Investment Criteria

  • Pre-seed/Seed+ startups

  • AI Tech

  • $30K+ MRR 

  • Lead investor in the round

  • Serial entrepreneur with multiple exits preferred 

  • Our average check size is $100K 

Investment Process

Step 1

Submit “Pitch Us” form

Step 2

We will review your details and get back to you within a week

Step 3

Initial screening call will lead to either a pass
or instructions to schedule a follow-up call

Step 4

After meeting with George, our GP, we’ll send
you a final decision within a couple of weeks

Founder Testimonials

Anna braav.jpg

Anna Redmond

Founder & CEO, Braav

"I feel a deep sense of community. I get the best insights and mindshare from a dedicated, impressive group of people who are also in the trenches dealing with the same issues I am. It is special to be in a group where we all want to see one another succeed. Deeply valuable, lots of learning - and also inspiring and a source of strength.”
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