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We help corporates innovate by co-building venture-scale companies


Chance Becnel
CEO of Axiom Healthcare Services



Visionary Circle

Transforming the future of work and designing tools and systems to fit today’s new professional era is the responsibility of not one but all visionary CEOs and executives in the world today.


The more we bring together bold opinions, diverse perspectives, and radical ideas the better our chance at success in building a powerful new future. Our visionary club brings together high performers and innovative thinkers across the HR Tech landscape to share ideas, give feedback on early-stage ventures, and get first access to bleeding-edge tech.

Corporate Partners & Sponsors

Our mission is to recognize the Untapped potential of founders and build ventures that help people self-actualize at work.


We can’t create massive innovation on our own, which is why we partner with a variety of organizations to work together to realize our mission. In addition to partnership, we have strategic alliances with corporate orgs who believe in our mission and sponsor our efforts. If your organization is interested in getting involved, we would love to discuss the ways in which we can work together.

Corporate Venture

Your organization has bold ideas about the future of work and is ready to take on ambitious innovation.


Together, we will observe segments of the ecosystem at large, identify problems worth solving, validate demand, and set out to co-build a venture-scale startup. Our proven venture-building process offers both speed and accuracy while de-risking the traditional startup development process.

Corporate Venture Capital

Investing in the future of work is critical at this very moment.


At Untapped Ventures, we’re forming and funding companies solving real problems in the HR Tech space and helping founders with hugely untapped potential thrive through support and resources. If your company is aligned with our mission of self-actualization in the workplace and putting people above profits and all else, we invite you to invest in our fund and build the future of work with us.

Our Corporate Partners

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