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A unique no-cost and no-equity self-serve virtual incubator to help you launch your venture scale startup and raise funding.
Powered by Untapped VenturesCity of Burbank

Who is this for?

Pre-seed, Idea Stage, and Aspiring Technical Founders building in AI, Quantum Computing and other Emerging Tech.

This program is for you if:

Program Structure

Incubator Burbank

Self-serve online program with world-class playbooks and tools for start-ups and founders to consume and work on at their own pace. Participants will have access to ten hours of online content known as the ‘Untapped Method’.

Get access to our Ideation and Business Model Design Playbooks.

Take advantage of the following tools - Lean Canvas, Traction Roadmap, and Story Pitch.

January 2024

Generative AI Workshop

In this dynamic workshop, we’re going to show you new tips and tricks you need to know using the latest developments in AI and demo 10 tools that touch on: strategy, marketing, sales, operations, customer service, finance, investing, and other specific business use-cases.

March 2024

In-person Founder Mastermind

Our mastermind session is designed to provide a safe and supportive space where you can share something big, whether it be a personal or business challenge, and receive valuable insights, shared experiences, and clarity from your peers in the group.

Benefits for Founders

  • Access to 10 hours of content specifically created by experienced entrepreneurs to help in your journey;

  • Networking opportunities within the LA Startup Ecosystem;

  • Designing venture scale business models;

  • In-person group Mastermind coaching session;

  • Exclusive Generative AI Workshop in January 2024


Founder Testimonials


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