The Future of Work is 
People-Focused and 

Now, come build with us.

Untapped Ventures, a startup studio in LA, is launching a $10MM fund to invest in Future of Work companies we build and provide cofounder value-add in a model proven to generate faster exits, less losses, and outsized returns.

Work has changed for good and forever.


As technology advances the way we work, the reason we work is changing as well.


At Untapped, we are not only aware of this transformative shift- we are actively building and investing in startups to accelerate it.

RIP to the 9-5 Grind


We work with bold founders to build venture-scale companies solving important Future of Work problems.


We invest in early-stage founders building Future of Work ventures.


Learn about the unique benefits of investing with Untapped.


We help forward-thinking corporates design, build, and launch venture-scale companies.



 What is a Startup Studio?

A startup that builds startups!


A startup studio (also called a venture builder or an innovation factory) is a company that leverages core talent, a repeatable process, and a wide range of shared resources to build startups in parallel.

How Do Studios Work?

Studios execute on building startups at the earliest stage.
Sometimes startups are the result of internal ideation (our idea) and other times entrepreneurs bring startups into the Studio (your idea) and we work together to build that venture.


Founders choose to work with Studios because they know Studios build better companies faster by leveraging key infrastructure, resources, proven process, network, and manpower.

Untapped Fast Facts:

We develop internal ideas and recruit brilliant talent to run these ventures.


If you're interested in partnering with us to build internal ventures, 
apply to our Entrepreneur-In-Residence program. You'll work hands on with us to validate, launch, and scale new startup ventures.

We work with outside founders to help bring bold new ideas to life.


As a Studio, we do more than invest in startups- we help validate, launch, and grow them. Think of us as your investing co-founder. You bring the domain expertise and we bring the resources to scale with speed.

Pitch us your venture

We are placing big bets on the New Future of Work.

We know work is changing and we plan to be on the front lines of that innovation!

Read our investment manifesto to learn about the areas we're most excited to build and invest in.


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More coming Summer 2021.  We have a very vibrant deal warehouse we will be bringing to market including 1 internal idea, 1 venture with our corporate partner and 5 investments into startups in our 2021 Future of Work Studio-Accelerator program.


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Untapped Portfolio Company, Topia, Raises $5 Million for Virtual Reality Meetups



Studios are an outperforming asset class offering lower risk and higher returns in less time than traditional startup creation.

Studios drive high capital efficiency through repeatable processes, dedicated work performed by an experienced core team, reusing resources, and leveraging connections to access accelerated speed to market.

Startup Studio


Average Internal Rate of Return (IRR)


Time from Zero to Series A

Traditional Startup


Average Internal Rate of Return (IRR)


Time from Zero to Series A

At Untapped Ventures, our moonshot for Fund I is that our portfolio helps 10M people self-actualize through work and delivers 10X returns to LPs.


Let us show you how this is possible.



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