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We bring together high performers and innovative thinkers across the HR Landscape

About Untapped Visionary Circle

The more we bring together bold opinions, diverse perspectives, and radical ideas the better our chance at success in building a powerful new future. Our visionary circle brings together high performers and innovative thinkers across the HR landscape to share ideas, give feedback on early-stage HR Tech and Future of Work, and get first access to bleeding-edge tech.

Benefits of participating

  • Give feedback and help validate cutting-edge ideas that help employees thrive

  • Be the first to see, try and use the latest innovations in HRTech

  • Community of like-minded peers to network with during quarterly events and private Slack group

  • Opportunities to be on podcasts, talks, and events to share your experience and expertise

Who is this for?

  • HR Visionaries and Thought Leaders

  • HR Executives

  • HR Consultants

to join

  • Commit to attending quarterly online meetups

  • Open to sharing candid feedback, expertise and opinions on startup ideas

  • Desire to meet and network with Visionary Circle community members

  • Willing to work with Untapped and its startups/ founders on projects that are interesting to you


Is there a cost?

  • No. This is an exclusive invite-only community and the only thing we ask for is commitment and feedback.​


Will I have an opportunity to network and met other members?

  • Yes. We have networking built into the quarterly meetings and a private community inside Slack.​

Apply to join our Visionary Circle

Join our community to share ideas, give feedback on early-stage ventures, and get access to bleeding-edge HR tech

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