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Bringing the proven
CEO Mastermind model to the tech founder community

Join the first exclusive Mastermind dedicated to educating, empowering, and investing in pre-seed entrepreneurs

What is a mastermind?

A Mastermind is a peer-to-peer mentoring group where a small group of founders meet regularly to share knowledge and support, with the goal of helping one another achieve their goals.

Think successful organizations like YPO and EO, but now specifically curated for tech startup CEOs.

Untapped Mastermind goes beyond traditional offerings and will be facilitated by George Bandarian: a seasoned founder, executive, and investor whose success has been largely influenced by his time in Masterminds.

By participating, you’ll have access to:

Untapped Method

Our startup-building playbook taking you from ideation and validation all the way to scaling your company

Special fireside chats with successful founders, investors, and executives

Exclusive networking events with members of our curated LA network
Community Equity

A small equity share in the startups of your cohort, providing an even stronger incentive for you to succeed together

Access to venture capital for startups seeking to raise.

Who should apply to the Untapped Mastermind?

We welcome all seasoned entrepreneurs working on their next big idea in tech.


If you’re excited by the idea of a close-knit band of founders, a curriculum backed by proven entrepreneurs, and access to our powerful VC network sign up for our waitlist below!

In the meantime, email us with any questions.

Don’t take our word, here’s what our founders have to say…

Anna braav.jpg

Anna Redmond 
Founder & CEO 


"I feel a deep sense of community. I get the best insights and mindshare from a dedicated, impressive group of people who are also in the trenches dealing with the same issues I am. It is special to be in a group where we all want to see one another succeed. Deeply valuable, lots of learning-- and also inspiring and a source of strength.”"


Ryan Duitch
Founder & CEO 


“I appreciate meeting with other entrepreneurs and CEOs to help and learn from one another."


Lacey Kaelani
Founder & CEO 


“I look forward to the CEO Mastermind every month because it's face-to-face time with other founders. Can't beat that!”



"I recently met with George about the sales & marketing of my business. Going into my meeting with him, I had written some notes down of what I thought was important, and what I wanted to accomplish. In my 2 hour meeting with him, he not only helped me create a level of clarity around the outcomes I was perusing that I hadn’t been able to achieve on my own, but he also helped me uncover the driving force behind it why it was so important to me, which gave me the motivation I was lacking."

Matt Taylor


John moran.jpg

John Moran
Inc. 500/5000 Business


"George coached me to focus on my personal mission statement first, then worked with me on a weekly basis so I could march towards my goals. I achieved the following results: Double-digit growth in sales over a 12-month period, hiring 3 new sales reps, reorganizing my customer success team, most importantly, resolving my issue at home. I would highly recommend him for Life or Business Coaching to anyone willing to make changes and improve their life."


Paul Slater 
Founder & CE
Billion Minds

“The CEO Mastermind is a great way to problem solve alongside really smart people who are living the same journey. The Mastermind gives me a safe space where I can get help without any judgment, and think through challenges in different ways. 

I can see how over the coming months and years this group will help me and my company tremendously by helping me navigate the highs and lows that come with running a venture-backed business. This is a long-term relationship independent of success or failure at the moment.

And the CEO Mastermind has been a great source of ideas already. I've got direct help from other founders as well as fresh perspectives.”


"George has been invaluable to me in developing sales strategy, generating increased revenue, and structuring our company in the best way for its age and stage. We’ve been using his system which is a very strong curriculum helping me learn how to build and grow a company, the right way. Knowing George and the partners he’s put together and his passion for coaching
founders, I am 100% confident George will deliver outstanding outcomes meeting your
objectives. "

paul schon.jpg

"I’ve been part of a MasterMind group George led for 2 years and saw him on many occasions help the group members uncover the core issue that was in their blind spot. I was always amazed and feel he has a true gift for quickly identifying the main issues and helping people get to a solution."

Stepan Aslanyan.jpg

"I look forward to the CEO Mastermind every month because each time I learn something new, and at the same time can help other founders by sharing my experience or giving a hand in the areas we are more experienced in."


“I appreciate the amazing insight I get from other founders. The group is fairly diverse which gives me varying perspectives about the challenges we all face which helps ground me realizing learnings are just part of process.”

Alex Tima 
Founder & CEO 


Stepan Aslanyan
Founder & CEO


Paul Schon
Schon Templar


Bay Ryley
Ryley Learnin


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