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We help founders build a venture-scale startup garnering seed funding

Who is this for?



If you're an exceptional founder, ready to give your all to a new startup venture and a strong interest in helping humans achieve their best selves, personally and professionally.

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If you have a validated problem and want an investing co-founder to help humanity self-actualize. We increase your chance of success with our extensive experience and vast network.

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The New Way of Entrepreneurship is simple: We invest in YOU!


The Untapped Program (UP)

UP is a special program and unique opportunity to work with George Bandarian in a cohort with other A360 members.


George will help you learn, ideate, discover, design, iterate, validate, build, raise, recruit, and grow your venture-scale startup.

Expected Outcomes & Value

 01. Build a Venture-scale Company 

02. Validate Product/Market Fit

03. Complete a Favorable Fundraise

04. Accomplish your specific goals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is space really limited?
    Yes, we only allow 12 in-person and 20 online to keep the conversations intimate.
  • Is there a cost to attend?
    No, this is a complementary workshop for accredited investors.
  • Can I attend the workshop not the dinner or the dinner not the workshop?
    Yes, you will be asked on the invite which you prefer.
  • Will I be pitched anything?
    Absolutely not. This is an educational event. We are just so excited about the developments in AI and want to share with our community.
  • Can I still attend if I am not an accredited investor?
    No sorry, this event is strictly for accredited investors.
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