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Untapped Fund Launch Party 

About Untapped Launch Party  

Welcome to the Untapped Fund 1 Virtual Launch Party!


At Untapped Ventures, we build, invest, and coach startups that empower humans to reach their untapped potential.


This page contains everything you’ll need to get ready for the party, have an amazing experience during the day, and be able to keep in touch afterward.


For your convenience, we have prepared brief instructions in order to use the platform and get the best of it.


  • An opening speech by Untapped CEO and founder George Bandarian at 11:30 am PST

  • Meet all of our portfolio companies supporting the Untapped mission, which is to help humanity self-actualize.

    • We recommend that you walk around the Untapped digital world and visit the rooms of our portfolio companies. You can interact with the founders!

    • Click on the company logos to redirect to their website

  • Dance along to the music playing with other guests on the dance floor

  • Be attentive and explore the world with surprise NFTs hidden inside!

Getting ready for the party

  • What you need to know about Topia

    • Compatibility - We recommend that you use Chrome, Edge, or Brave on a laptop or desktop computer with headphones for the best experience

    • Quick video on How to Use Topia

Guide to navigate the Topia Metaverse

  • Enter the metaverse world:

  • Click in the direction you want to go or use your arrow keys to move around

  • Talk with other participants when you are in close proximity to them

    • (Be sure to turn your camera on so you are able to see others)

  • Click on your Topi (your digital participant’s profile) to either dance, sit or share the love

  • Press control/command and “-” to zoom out

  • Send a follow invite (next to your camera button) if you want others with you as you walk around. You can end the invite whenever you want with the same button

What to do after the party

Join us @ Untapped Ventures Launch Party 

Come meet the Untapped team and community, including investors, entrepreneurs, and creators!

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