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Untapped Ventures is a startup studio building and investing in Future of Work ideas.

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We fund passionate founders that are building tech-enabled companies that create human breakthroughs. We invest in early-stage startups at Pre-Seed and Seed. Untapped founders receive access to a community of founders, advisors, startup resources, funding, and personalized support from our network.

Our mission is to discover new ways of driving growth for organizations, creating value across the workforce spectrum, and improving the human condition on a fundamental level.

What the New Future of Work means to us


Increasing Productivity

  • Our goal at Untapped is to remove friction from remote processes and leverage AI to record work being done in real-time. Slack and Zoom were yesterday’s tools, what are the next generation of productivity tools? Our vision is to build and invest in new productivity tools ushering in the next levels of productivity in a distributed environment paying attention to how we build trust, get into and stay in a flow state, have fun and better enjoy the work experience (WX).

Reimagining Professional Development through Purpose, and Passion Discovery & Actualization

  • The ability to discover and pursue interests, values, and passion in order to gain meaning is a critical driver of professional happiness and enrichment. Let’s take the fear and confusion out of switching careers, re-entering the workforce, and finding true vocation for one’s life work.

Enhancing Entrepreneurship

  • Why is it still the case that 8 out of every new 10 startup businesses fail? How can we cultivate more prosperity for entrepreneurs? What would it take to create entrepreneurship as a career the way “law” and “medicine” are developed as vocations? Answering these questions and exploring these scenarios is very important to us.

Delivering Well-Being at Work

  • Employee well-being is no longer assumed. As the stigma around mental health issues is reduced, we are just now realizing the staggering statistics on the wide scope of issues that can affect an employee’s ability to focus and be their best self at work. We are reimagining the employee experience and developing products, platforms, and solutions to help customize employer well-being benefits from the ground up/

Emerging Models of Work

  • The emerging models of work are disrupting the status quo and introducing flexibility to the workplace.

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